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If you wish to post to the Cochlear War Forum, please click the link below and read the guidelines. When submitting a post for the “Viewpoint” forum, please use regular E-mail (not Hotmail). Include your full name and your correct mailing address, E-mail address, and TTY/telephone numbers, in case we have to contact you. We will post your messages with your real name, but your mailing/E-mail address, and numbers will NOT be posted or divulged to any other user. No anonymous submissions, or those using only initials, nicknames, first names, or screen names, will be accepted. Promotional or commercially-oriented messages are not accepted here.

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Cochlear War Forum

for further reading and participation in the ongoing discussion of this topic.

Implantees’ View
for first-person accounts of living with a cochlear implant.

Deaf View
for those who advocate sign-language-based communication and consider themselves part of the Deaf Community.

Professional View
for those in the medical/clinical field, and those who support implants for deaf people, speech, speechreading, and an oral approach.

Parents’ View
for parents of deaf children, including those who have implants and those who use a primarily sign-language-based mode for everyday communication (or both).

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