On this page, you will find a variety of quotes representing the divergent views of parents of deaf children. If you are a parent of a deaf child and would like to share your views on cochlear implants, please E-mail us at editor (at) cochlearwar (dot) com.

The view of a CI parent

I am the mother of a deaf 9-year-old, who was implanted with a CI approximately 6 months ago. I am interested in Deaf culture and enjoy reading anything pertaining to it. I am hoping when my son is older he will show an interest in learning more about the Deaf community. I have tried in the past to attend Deaf culture functions with him but found we were ostracized & ignored (having chosen the oral route we don’t know much sign language – just the alphabet & a few simple words & phrases – but we’re trying). I just wanted to express my opinion that members of the Deaf community we have encountered & any attempts we have made to join in have been very discouraging. It seems there is very little interest on the Deaf community’s part to encourage a deaf child with a hearing parent to participate in the Deaf culture experience. Don’t let the fact that my son has a hearing mother put you off from him – he is one of you!

In addition, while reading your Myths & Facts section, I found your comment about questioning the risk of taking antibiotics with regard to CI’s & meningitis to be somewhat overblown. As a parent (Deaf or hearing), would you think twice about giving your child antibiotics for say a throat infection? An antibiotic is an antibiotic, regardless of what area of the body it is used for. Your article makes it sound as though you should not even consider an implant because of a perceived risk which might never even happen.

Thanks for your great website. I enjoyed reading it very much. Keep up the good work!

Karen Fewson
Toronto, Canada

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