It is impossible to understand why culturally Deaf people oppose cochlear implants for children without understanding the history of the Deaf community and the ongoing campaign in the Hearing community to suppress it. Cochlear implants have been seen as the latest “technological fix” in a long procession of “cures” and “aids” aimed at deaf people. Particularly important is the ruthless campaign mounted in the 19th century, and continuing today, to eradicate sign language as a means of everyday communication for deaf people, and to compel deaf people to speak and speechread. The two trends—biotechnology and opposition to signing—are seen to be interrelated.

From Cowhorns to Cyber-chips” is a bite-sized overview of the evolution of auditory devices, culminating in digital hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Opposing Approaches” focuses on the “war of methodologies” in education of the deaf: oral/aural versus signing.

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